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Whichever item you have purchased from our Silverdale Classic or Contemporary range we are confident that it will give you many years of pleasure and service. In the unlikely event that you experience any defects or are unhappy in anyway, we guarantee to replace the product free of charge, subject to the conditions outlined.


This warranty is in addition to your consumer statutory rights and does not affect those rights in anyway. It is important to follow our instructions whilst fitting the products and to use the care instructions outlined below. Any claim under the guarantee must first be reported to the retailer where you purchased your goods and must be accompanied by the proof of purchase.

In the interest of continual design, development and product improvement we reserve the right to amend or adjust specifications at any time. Where an identical product is no longer available we will supply the nearest equivalent from our then current range. This guarantee covers products supplied for installation into domestic premises in the UK and Ireland only. The guarantee may be transferred to a subsequent purchaser of the premises but it will not apply if the product is re-installed elsewhere. This guarantee does not extend to any item rendered defective by fault installation, inappropriate use and accidental damage after purchase, nor does it cover normal wear and tear. It does not extend to the replacement of any other household fittings arising from any claim. It does not extend to any fitting or installation costs, or to the replacement of any other household fittings arising from any claim.


Please read in conjunction with detailed instructions supplied with your product.

Once you have completed your bathroom fit, it is important to care for theses product correctly to keep them in pristine condition for a number of years to come. We have set out below some simple guidelines to follow. Rest assured all our products have been manufactured to the highest standard you would expect.


Our high quality handmade UK vitreous china sanitaryware is non porous and hardwearing. It is extremely durable and will provide a lifetime of use. However, it does need to be cared for to remove the build-up of lime scale and water deposits.

We recommend that you regularly clean with hot soapy water of a cream cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners, particularly on decorated areas.


The bath should always be cleaned immediately after use. In hard water districts insoluble salts are deposited below the waterline and also under leaking taps. If this deposit is allowed to build up it becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Prompt cleaning is again the answer. Hot soapy water with a cloth should be used and the bath wiped dry. Cleaners with a gritty or abrasive nature should never be used.


To keep these products in a sparking condition clean with a soft damp cloth, then polish using a dry soft duster. Abrasive materials such as bath cleaners, powders, detergents, those containing alcohol, acid or corrosive chemicals or polishes must not be used. Stains may be removed using a wax polish or neat washing up liquid. The main cause of brassware deterioration is the attacking of the surface by harsh chemicals such as aftershave on taps and urinary acid on seat hinges and flush pipes. These causes can be avoided by taking a little extra care in use and if accidentally spilt, immediately washing with clean water.


Immediately wipe down all surfaces with a dry soap free cloth after use. All accessory items should be dried thoroughly before replacing upon top of units. Damp cloths, towels etc, should not be left in contact with surrounding woodwork. Regular light waxing with a soft cloth is all that should be required. Solid wax containing beeswax is recommended.