Silverdale Bathrooms, Silverdale Road, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire ST5 6EH
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The curvaceous lines of Nouveau bring a slightly softer, gentler charm to a traditional bathroom setting.

The generous proportions of the pieces add a sense of grandeur for those who like to make a bold statement in their home styling.
effortless grandeur

NouveauNouveau 580mm Basin
NouveauNouveau 655mm Basin
NouveauNouveau 655mm Basin
NouveauNouveau 495mm Cloakroom Basin
NouveauNouveau 655mm Basin detail

WCs and Pans

NouveauNouveau Close-Coupled Pan and Cistern
NouveauNouveau High Level Pan and Cistern
NouveauNouveau Low Level Pan and Cistern


NouveauNouveau Freestanding Bidet

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