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The bathroom can be a place of hard, smooth surfaces but wooden furniture introduces a softer and warmer material and gives you a whole new way of using the ceramic basins allowing you to transform the feel of the room.

Our furniture is handmade by specialists in the UK & is designed to complement our sanitaryware which is specially manufactured to obtain an optimum fit.

For a small additional cost, we can offer all of our furniture options in the following colours.

Available Furniture Colours...

Empire 700mm Cabinet with Basin
Empire 920mm Cabinet with Basin
Balasani 600mm Cabinet with Basin
Balasani 700mm Cabinet with Basin and Worktop
Victorian Cabinet with WC
Victorian Micro Cabinet with Basin
Victorian 635mm Cabinet with Basin
Victorian 670mm Cabinet with Square Basin
Victorian 670mm Cabinet with 370mm Square Bowl
Victorian 670mm Cabinet with 550mm Square Bowl
Victorian 670mm Cabinet with 600mm Square Bowl
Victorian 750mm Cabinet with Basin & Work Surface
Victorian 1400mm Cabinet with Basin & Work Surface

A lifetime of pleasure

Timeless quality deserves a timeless guarantee and that is why your investment is protected by nothing less than a lifetime guarantee on every piece of Silverdale pottery. This guarantee is just one of the commitments to total quality, giving you complete assurance that whichever Silverdale Bathrooms products you choose will last for years to come.

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