How to save water at home

Reducing the amount of water we use on a daily basis not only helps save on our water and energy bills, but can help the planet too. By only using and paying for what you need, this can assist with lowering water bills as energy costs continue to rise. It takes power and electricity to clean and pump water, so reducing our water usage can lower greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the impacts of climate change.

How can you easily save water at home?

There are common tips and tricks we can all do to reduce how much water we use at home, such as:

  • Turning the tap off rather than leaving it running while brushing teeth, shaving, washing hands, or doing the washing up.
  • Taking less baths and shorter showers.
  • Using an eco or low flow showerhead to reduce the water running.
  • Making sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full before running them
  • Only filling the kettle to the amount you need at that time.
  • Fixing any leaks.

Yet one of the easiest and most effective ways of reducing water usage at home is by using a toilet with dual flush technology.

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What is dual flush technology and how does it work?

Toilets with dual flush technology have the option to choose a full flush or a half flush. They have two buttons on the cistern which flush different amounts of water depending on what you need.

A half flush is 4 litres of water, whereas a full flush is 6 litres of water. In comparison, older toilets use around 13 litres of water for each flush. This means that you are using less than half the amount of water each time, even with the full flush option, and could be reducing the water you use by up to 80%.

While a dual flush toilet may be more expensive up front, it will more than make up for it in the money you save in the long run from your water bill. And the benefits for the environment are priceless.

Why Silverdale Bathrooms?

All of Silverdale’s suites feature water saving technology, pairing traditional design with modern technology for a classic but practical bathroom. Whether it’s a low level, high level, or close coupled traditional cistern, the classic styling is complemented by water saving technology.

Silverdale’s range of push button cisterns offers a two-part button that creates either a 4-litre half or a 6-litre full flush. Silverdale’s traditional style cisterns also offer a reduced flush technology – for a reduced flush, press and hold the cistern lever, and for a full flush, press and release the cistern lever.

Silverdale Bathrooms offers a range of suite designs and themes, in both contemporary and traditional styles. Victorian is the epitome of traditional, Balasani is based on Edwardian design, and Belgravia has fluted panelling – these pieces are based on authentic designs recreated by Silverdale’s expert craftsmen. Empire takes inspiration from Art Deco, Loxley has an unforgettable style of curved contours, and Hillingdon perfectly embodies both contemporary and practical features with elegance and soft edges.

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