How a perfect bathroom design makes all the difference

A bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in a home, but it can have one of the biggest impacts on aesthetics and property value. Bathrooms are an important space as they are where you refresh yourself for the day ahead or an area to relax at the end of a long day. While relaxing in a bathroom, you want it to be clean, fresh, and match your personal style and taste.

  1. Create your custom vision

Before designing your perfect bathroom, you need to decide what it is that you want from the room. Assess what your bathroom needs are, how you want it to function, and who will be using it. Imagine how you would like to use your bathroom rather than just thinking about how you currently use it – take what you like about your current bathroom and think about how you can elevate this as well as changing what you do not like.

Our expert team at Silverdale Bathrooms can help you plan out the whole design to create a bespoke bathroom that is the perfect space for you.

  1. Measure your space

As bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house, taking measurements to ensure you can get the most out of your space is important. This way you know realistically what will fit, and what might need to be moved around to create the design you want in the space you have.

Stylish storage solutions can help you save on space, such as cabinets or hanging shelves to store towels and toiletries.

  1. Plan a layout

Take the vision you have for the bathroom and the measurements and set out a layout. A layout should work with the existing architecture of the house such as the window and door placement, where the natural light comes in, and the shape of the room.

An efficient layout will allow you to place the bath, shower, and basin in the most effective and functional places and then plan other fixtures around it. You want a bathroom to be easy to access, use, and clean, as well as looking stylish.

  1. Identify a style or theme

The theme of your bathroom can really reflect your personality, from classic and traditional, to relaxation spa, to energising contemporary.

Silverdale Bathrooms offers a variety of styles of bathroom suites to match the theme that you envision for your perfect bathroom.

  • Empire is inspired by Art Deco design, with iconic bold angled architecture.
  • Balsani is based on Edwardian design, with intricate detail and finishings.
  • Loxley uses sculptured, curved contours.
  • Victorian is a traditional bathroom look with classic strong detailing, with the suite and pieces based on authentic original pieces, recreated by Silverdale’s craftsmen.
  • Hillingdon embodies both contemporary and practical features as well as style and elegance, with soft edges.
  • Belgravia is full of character, featuring wood panelling and a curved basin front.
  1. Find your colour

The colour that you choose will really set the tone of the bathroom and enhance the theme, whether you want it to be a bold splash of brightness that reinvigorates you, or a calming blue to unwind. The colour of your bathroom can be infused through paint, tiles, or furniture.

  1. Feature your favourite furniture and fittings

Every bathroom needs a statement feature, such as a freestanding bath or a walk-in shower. This focal point will draw the eye and make an impact when people step into the bathroom. Around this feature piece you can choose other furniture and fittings which complement it.

Silverdale Bathrooms have a wide range of handcrafted luxury furniture that matches the theme of any suite, such as cabinets, basins, brassware, baths, and accessories such as shelves, holders, and hooks. These furniture items come in a variety of colours and finishes to meet your custom vision.

  1. Pop by a showroom

Visiting a showroom with your measurements and layout allows you to look at which pieces might fit best into your space and get inspiration and ideas.

Book an appointment to visit the Silverdale Bathrooms showroom in Staffordshire to view first-hand our quality craftsmanship and get advice from our friendly team of experts.

  1. Trust the experts

Silverdale’s expert luxury bathroom specialists can take you through the whole process from planning through to installation. We can handcraft customisable pieces to create a fully bespoke bathroom for you.

How Silverdale Bathrooms can help you design your perfect bathroom

Silverdale Bathrooms create custom, handcrafted bathroom products and designs across Staffordshire. Silverdale are specialists in high quality ceramics handmade in the UK. Highly skilled craftsmen ensure that each piece is removed from the kiln at exactly the right time, to be certain that only the highest quality piece is brought to you. Each piece is the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation and is the ultimate in timeless luxury and quality.

Silverdale Bathrooms has a 30-year history in beautifully iconic, handcrafted pieces, which makes all the difference. As the manufacturing process involves handcrafting, Silverdale Bathrooms can offer personal choices to match your bespoke bathroom vision that are luxury redefined.

Get in touch with us here for a quote or to book a showroom appointment.