Our guide to making your bathroom as unique as you are

Bathrooms are a space where you spend personal time such as reinvigorating or relaxing, and they are a place to either energise or unwind. This means that your bathroom needs to match your personal tastes and energy. Your bathroom should also complement the aesthetics of your home, taking on your unique theme and style.

How Silverdale Bathrooms can create your unique bathroom design

Silverdale Bathrooms create custom, handcrafted bathroom products and designs across Staffordshire. Silverdale are specialists in high quality ceramics handmade in the UK. As pieces are handcrafted, they can be personalised to match your bathroom pottery to your house or to your own personal vision. These personal pieces are completely bespoke to you, to create a custom bathroom that is luxury redefined.

Silverdale Bathrooms has a 30-year history in beautifully iconic, handcrafted pieces, which makes all the difference. Highly skilled craftsmen ensure that each piece is removed from the kiln at exactly the right time, to be certain that only the highest quality piece is brought to you. Each item is the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation and is the ultimate in timeless luxury and quality.

  1. Personalise your theme

Everyone has a bathroom theme to suit them – are you more classic and traditional, sleek and modern, or adventurous and full of character? We have a range of bathroom suites to suit any personality type.

For a traditional bathroom, the Victorian suite is the ultimate classic, claiming its distinctive look from its high-level basins and cisterns and strong detailing. Based on Edwardian design, the Balasani suite provides intricate detail and delicate finishing, emulating elegance. The Belgravia suite has fluted features and curved basins which contrast and complement the wood panelling. These pieces are based on authentic original pieces, re-created by Silverdale’s expert craftsmen.

Inspired by the Art Deco style of the Empire State Building, the Empire suite has bold angles which reflect the 1920s style. Loxley suites have curved basins and sculpted contours, for a look that will not be forgotten. Hillingdon adds a period feel with a contemporary twist, adding practical and modern features to soft edges.

  1. Mix and match furniture, bath, and tile colours

Your bathroom colour scheme can be bright and bold, or subtle and sophisticated. Adding colour into your bathroom can be done in many ways, not just by painting the walls. Furniture and tiles are an amazing way to bring different colours and textures into a room.

You can be bold and paint all of the walls, paint walls different colours, or have just one feature wall highlighted. Painting the walls in a muted colour such as white or a pale grey gives the opportunity to bring colour in through furniture. Silverdale offers furniture such as cabinets and pottery in a variety of colours, from monochrome black and white to a brighter yellow, blue, green, rose, and many more.


Painting one wall or adding tiles around the bath or shower will draw attention to these focal feature pieces. Tiles in different colours, different shapes, or textures, can make a statement and add definition to a wall or floor within other white tiles.

Adding colour to the outside of your bath will add a huge wow factor to any bathroom, for a truly unique statement piece. A freestanding or claw-foot tub in your personal colour choice will be the ultimate eye catcher when people walk in the room and a completely customised place for you to relax.

  1. Bespoke brassware options

Taps may not be the first thing that comes to mind when customising a bathroom, but beautiful brassware has a huge impact on the look of a bathroom. Brassware that is distinctive and stands out against a basin, or ties in together with other pieces in the bathroom, can make a theme work and can also be an eye-catching focal piece.

We offer a range of brassware options such as chrome with black or white features, nickel, or incalux for a sumptuous gold look. Pillar taps, basin mixers, or monobloc mixers can provide a traditional or contemporary appearance.

  1. Stand-out features

Your unique bathroom should have a dramatic, standout feature such as a clawfoot bath or walk-in shower. Yet smaller accessories in the bathroom can also have maximum impact, such as a basin with a contemporary worktop, a basin built into a cabinet, or a double door or hung cabinets. Unique shelves, towel holders and hooks can also make a big statement – they can match the brassware finish or contrast against the colour of a wall to stand out even more.

  1. Personal touches

Let your personality shine through with pieces that you enjoy. Add pieces of art onto the bathroom walls to add colour, a focal feature on the wall, and also to showcase your interests. Plants are great bathroom buddies, adding the freshness of the green as well as having customisable pots that can match the bathroom’s theme. Mirrors are another great personalisation item as they can match the metallic of the brassware or contrast against it entirely, they can be painted different colours, and they can be different shapes. Hanging a mirror in certain areas can reflect light or reflect statement colours such as wall tiles.

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