Luxury bathrooms at its best – the Silverdale journey of our sanitaryware from clay to showroom.

We inspire luxury bathrooms every day, but why do customers keep coming back to us?

Sure enough, every household in the UK has a bathroom generally consisting of a toilet, sink and, of course, a bath and/or shower. Pretty basic items, but how ‘basic’ are they to make?

Silverdale Bathrooms shares its secrets and tells us how exactly it produces its quality, handcrafted ceramic for luxury bathrooms across the globe. 

Step 1 – Modelling & Mould Making

The process starts with making models and moulds using Plaster of Paris and resin. Each model and mould for each of our different suites are made by hand by our highly skilled and talented team.

Step 2 – Raw Materials

Clay is a main ingredient and the perfect material in the production of sanitaryware due to its strength, low shrinkage and ability to be easily moulded. When clay and silica are mixed together it increases the strength further.

Our clays are sourced locally from Devon and Cornwall and are mixed with silica from the Staffordshire /Cheshire borders. This is then used to manufacture the body from which our models are cast.

Step 3 – Casting

Slip casting is a ceramic forming technique which is used for products that can’t be made on a wheel so is perfect for use in moulds.

The liquid clay is poured into moulds by our craftsmen who use their years of experience to hand sponge and fettle (remove excess materials) the clay pieces ready for inspection.

Step 4 – Clay Inspection

After drying each individual piece is carefully inspected, and any imperfections are removed by hand before the product is released to the next process.

Step 5 – Spray Shop

Our team then hand spray each piece with a glaze in ventilated booths, a high level of dexterity and skill is required in this department.

Step 6 – Kiln Placing and First Firing

After spraying, each piece is carefully placed onto our kiln in their bespoke position using dedicated firing setters where required. The kiln is fired to temperatures of 1220 degrees and left for over 17 hours. This process is what creates the strength and glass like finish that our products are famous for.

Step 7 – Inspection

Quality control is high on the agenda here at Silverdale Bathrooms. Our team rigorously check every individual item before passing through to our warehouse, test area or rectification department.

Step 8 – Rectification

Any pieces that fail quality inspection are repaired, re sprayed and then refired to a temperature of 1130 degrees. Each piece is then passed back through quality control and checked for straightness and ground using disc grinders when required.

Step 9 – Badging

At this point we would add the floral pattern to our Victorian Garden and Victorian Blue Garden suites. This is the point where our personalisation service takes place with any items that need a logo or design adding are passed to our lithographers who carefully transfer the desired print or badging onto each item. They are then fired again separately to 800 degrees.

Step 10 – Leak Testing

Every WC is then vigorously tested by vacuum on our leak test machine to ensure that no WC’s will leak in situ. If any product fails at this stage, it will be repaired until it passes the test before proceeding for packing.

Step 11 – Warehouse

Each item is now completed and ready to be individually boxed into their relevant packaging and processed through to their dedicated warehouse storage location before being picked for despatch ready to make its way to its new home!

There’s a lot of skill and precision that goes into creating our beautiful sanitaryware. Each piece may pass through the hands of at least 15 craftspeople from start to finish. Skills have been passed on through generations to ensure the exquisite finish we are famous for.

If you’re passion is for luxury bathrooms and finding the perfect pieces to match. Look no further than Silverdale Bathrooms. 

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