Top 10 best plants for the bathroom

Spring is upon us and what says spring more than fresh plants and flowers in the home – but how do you know which are the best plants for the bathroom?

Adding a spurt of luscious greenery to your bathroom not only feels fresh but can help to purify the air, eliminate bacteria and absorb moisture. But you need to be careful that the plants can thrive in the humidity, as well as whether or not they will have enough – or too much –  sunlight. 

Here are our top 10 best plants for the bathroom to help you choose which works for you!

1 – Snake Plant is a common houseplant that is often used to decorate the home because they are easy to care for. They don’t need much watering and even less if kept in a humid space like the bathroom. They can thrive in direct sunlight and in more shaded spots, making the Snake Plant perfect for the bathroom. It has many other benefits too, like converting carbon dioxide to oxygen during the night, and removing toxic air pollutants.

2 – Ivy is great for smaller bathrooms with little shelving or cabinet space and looks lovely when hung from ceilings or draped over baskets. They usually prefer moderate light and high humidity, so make sure not to place them in direct sunlight. As an added bonus, Ivy is great for bathrooms due to its purifying properties, helping to clear the air and prevent mould. Winner!

3 – The Monstera plant is native to tropical rainforests so loves warm and humid environments, like the bathroom. It needs plenty of bright but indirect sunlight to develop its characteristic holey shape, but other than that is fairly low maintenance, as it only needs to be watered once a week, maybe less depending on how regularly the bathroom is in use.

4 – The Spider Plant is another low maintenance choice, they like bright light but not direct sunlight, and enjoy the humidity but low levels of it. You will get the best value for money with the spider plant too as they produce baby spider plants which you can cut off and use to grow your collection. That’s one spider you won’t mind having in your bathroom!

5 – Orchids are a great way to introduce a spot of colour other than green to your bathroom and there are many varieties that are great for the bathroom, but the Miltonia or Pansy Orchid are our favourite. This orchid originates from Brazils cloud forest so thrives in temperatures that are not to hot in the day but highly moist and with low light.

6 – Lucky Bamboo is great for bathrooms with small windows, as it needs very little light. It’s extremely low maintenance too, as it doesn’t need any soil, so you won’t have to worry about replanting or any accidental mess. Just put the stalks into a container filled with pebbles and water and there you have it. Don’t forget to change the water every 2-4 weeks. For those who are superstitious, apparently planting 6 stalks of bamboo represents good luck and wealth.

7 – Asparagus Fern is a bathroom favourite. It’s easy to look after, being quite happy in the shade and in most cases only needing the steam from the bath or shower to keep it damp. Be sure not to over water this feathery looking plant!

8 – Cast Iron Plant is the perfect accompaniment to any bathroom. Not only will it thrive in the low lighting a bathroom has to offer, but the lower light they are exposed to, the less they need watering, it practically looks after itself! We would advise checking the soil from time to time and if the soil is too dry, make sure to add a splash of water, but don’t drown it or you will be inviting root rot into your plant.

9 – Aloe Vera loves the sun so would be best suited to a windowsill or a bathroom flooded with natural sunlight. It also likes high humidity and consistent moist soil.

10 – Peace Lily Plants are great to have in bathrooms and kitchens as they help to prevent mould by absorbing mould spores. They love the high humidity and absorb the moisture in the air through the leaves. They don’t need much sunlight either so perfect for any bathroom.

There are plenty of options when choosing the best plants for the bathroom, just make sure to do your research and get the perfect fit for you.